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Weed Could Be Legal In Texas If Newly-Elected Senator's Bill Goes Through

This could produce up to $3.2 billion in revenue

Election day led to four more states legalizing marijuana, and now Texas could be the next. 

Democratic State Senator-elect from San Antonio Roland Guitierrez proposed a bill shortly after winning his seat that would legalize cannabis in the state.

Texas, which has seen THC laws get a little less strict in recent years, could even see up to $3.2 billion in revenue and 30,000 new jobs according to Guitierrez.

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Texas' Six Flags Will Be Reopening This Month & Here's What Will Be Different

It's almost time to ride the Superman again.

Texas has a variety of theme parks to choose from, and after many had to close temporarily or delay reopening, a handful has begun opening back up just in time for the summer. After months of being closed, Texas' Six Flags parks announced that they are reopening later this month, though the experience being offered is different from years past. The parks have put safety measures in place for when they reopen this June, to ensure a safe and fun experience for their visitors.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio and Six Flags Over Dallas are reopening to the public on Friday, June 19.

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San Antonio Gyms Are Reopening Now & Here's How They'll Be Different

So many will be opening Monday!

It has been quite a few weeks since Texas went under stay-at-home orders that required most businesses to shut down for not being essential. Gyms and fitness clubs were a part of this group, and they have been closed for quite some time. As Texas reopens this May, gyms are allowed to reopen once again to their members. However, things will be quite different going forward.

Two popular chain gyms that will be reopening soon are Gold's Gym and Life Time Fitness. Other big gyms such as Joe's Gym and Body Gym will be reopening as well. These fitness centers are eager to start running again, as are many of their members.

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San Antonio Bars Across The City Will Be Opening Tomorrow

They just won’t be serving anyone.

Now that restaurants in Texas are allowed to reopen so long as they remain at 25% capacity, bars are wondering when it'll be their turn. This Friday, bars in San Antonio will be opening up and turning their lights on to show the community, as well as city officials, that they miss being open to the public. Bar owners are hopeful that this act of unity will catch the right person's attention and allow them to reopen sooner rather than later.

According to KENS5, "Turn Up The Lights In Unity" is taking place tomorrow in San Antonio to show Texas Governor Greg Abbott that bars are ready to reopen.

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This Texas University Is Giving Back $10 Million In Refunds To Students This Week

All coming by the end of the week.

Schools and universities were hit hard by the arrival of the coronavirus, with every major school district and Texas university being closed down throughout spring and summer 2020. Students from all over the state realized that they had paid the tuition and fees for amenities that they couldn't even use anymore, such as the recreation centers, dorms, and meal plans. UTSA is refunding their students $10 million to make sure they only paid for what they used during their cut-short semester.

The University of Texas at San Antonio just announced that they will be relieving some of their students from their financial pressure by refunding $10 million. 

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A Mystical Rare 'Blue Dragon' Was Just Found On A Texas Beach (PHOTOS)

They know how to defend themselves.

Spotting a rare creature from the sea isn't common in Texas, especially with the lack of tropical fish-filled near-shore beaches compared to states like Florida or Georgia. However, last week, a Texas beach welcomed a rare creature after a family saw it wash up onshore and it's unlike anything Texans have ever seen before. While it resembles a sea slug, its name and characteristics are not what you'd expect them to be.

A "blue dragon" was found at Padre Island National Seashore last week after a family saw it while they were walking along the beach.

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