These Are The Starbucks Canada Menu Items You Should Always Order, According To An Employee

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​Starbucks employee holding a tray of iced coffee and cake. Right: Starbucks display of croissants.

Starbucks employee holding a tray of iced coffee and cake. Right: Starbucks display of croissants.

If you want to switch up your Starbucks routine and try something different, an employee gave recommendations for what you should always order.

To figure out the Starbucks Canada menu items that are the best, Narcity spoke to a Starbucks employee and got all the details on the items you need to add to your next order.

Laura Mannion, an actor and model from Montreal living in Toronto, revealed what drinks and foods are her favourites as someone who has worked at the coffee chain.

Mannion's first recommendation is the coffee cake that you can order at Starbucks.

"Coffee cake is my favourite bakery item," she said. "Definitely underrated."

Also, the bacon egg bites that are available get a thumbs up from Mannion but she recommended doubling toasting them for an even better tasting experience.

The marshmallow dream bar is the other food item at Starbucks that she gave her seal of approval to.

"They're like Rice Krispies Squares," Mannion said. "They're so addicting!"

If you're looking for a Starbucks drink recommendation, Mannion said she loves the iced blonde shaken espresso.

She also has customizations that make it her "go-to drink" in the summer and in the winter.

So, order the drink and add two pumps of white mocha syrup, two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup, oat milk and a bit of heavy cream.

"So good and lots of caffeine for the long days," she said.

When Narcity asked Mannion if there are items that aren't worth it, Mannion said "there's not really any item people shouldn't order."

But she did note that Starbucks refreshers and frappuccinos actually have caffeine in them so if you don't want that caffeine, there's a way to order them.

"Ask for a decaf or creme-based frappuccino or a passion tea lemonade instead of a refresher," Mannion said.

Hopefully these recommendations will shake up your next Starbucks order!

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