The Crown Apparently Costs Canada Over $58 Million Each Year & Here’s How It Breaks Down

It costs less than it did before, though. 👑💰

Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth II. Right: King Charles III.
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Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth II. Right: King Charles III.

If you've ever wondered how much the new king and the crown cost Canada year-on-year, we've got you covered!

Back in 2021, the Monarchist League of Canada issued its triennial survey on the cost of the Canadian crown and, well, it sounds like a lot.

Does Canada still give money to England?

According to the League, Canadians shelled out $58,749,485.52 in 2019-2020 for the crown, although this is apparently a 5.95% decrease from the last survey.

While that sounds like an eye-watering amount, the League says it works out to be approximately $1.55 per individual Canadian.

Of this amount, it's the governor general's office that costs the most at $1.27 per person, per year. Lieutenant governors and their offices to the king cost an additional $0.27 per capita.

If you were curious what the governor general's job is, it's to be the monarch's representative in Canada. Since they're the monarch of 14 other realms, they "cannot be present in each."

In Canada, the governor general is appointed on the advice of the prime minister and often will carry out ceremonial duties on the royal family's behalf.

The survey says the overall cost is "far less" than what other national institutions cost the average Canadian each year, including the House of Commons ($13.30), the Senate ($2.57) and the CBC ($31.86).

What does the king or queen do for Canada?

At the time, League Chairman Robert Finch described the queen's contribution in Canada as "incredible value," and noted that none of the royal household's costs are covered by Canadians.

"The expense of official Royal Homecomings, as we're expecting during Platinum Jubilee Year, is modest," he added.

During her reign, the queen embarked on 22 official trips to Canada, met with as many as 12 Canadian prime ministers on more than one occasion, became patron to multiple Canadian charities and more, per Global News.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022. Here's the impact it may have in Canada.

*This article has been updated since it was originally published in 2021.

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