More Than Half Of Canadians Wouldn't Support Prince Charles As King After The Queen Dies

Bad news for Charles. 😬

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More Than Half Of Canadians Wouldn't Support Prince Charles As King After The Queen Dies

This might not be the best news for Prince Charles because it turns out that more than half of Canadians said they wouldn't support or recognize him as the King if Queen Elizabeth II were to die or step down from the throne.

A new study from the Angus Reid Institute was released on November 30 that looked into how Canadians feel about the monarchy's place in Canada along with their thoughts on Prince Charles and the queen.

With Prince Charles next in the line of succession for the throne, people were asked whether or not they would support "King Charles" as Canada's head of state if Queen Elizabeth II were to die or step down.

In response, 66% said they were opposed to recognizing him, with 40% of those citing strong opposition and 26% citing moderate opposition. Only 9% of people said they would strongly support "King Charles" and 25% said they would moderately support him.

When it comes to Canada continuing to be a part of the monarchy so long as Queen Elizabeth II is in power and recognizing her, 55% said they are in support of that.

In terms of if Canada should be a constitutional monarchy — which means the government acts in the name of the crown but gets authority from the Canadian people — indefinitely, 52% of people said no while 25% said yes and 23% said they were unsure.

At the end of November, Barbados cut ties with Queen Elizabeth II and became a republic, which ended almost 400 years of British rule. Prince Charles attended the ceremony in his mother's place.

According to a recent report by the Monarchist League of Canada, the cost of the crown in Canada was a staggering $58,749,485.52 from 2019 to 2020!

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