This True Crime Dream Job Will Pay You $100 An Hour To Watch TV & That's Just Criminal

Crime doesn't sleep...but it pays.👮

Someone holding a TV remote. Right: Police caution tape at a crime scene.
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Someone holding a TV remote. Right: Police caution tape at a crime scene.

True crime! You're bound to know someone in your life, if not yourself, who is obsessed with cold cases, crime scenes or murder most foul, and now there's a dream job that honestly doesn't even feel like work.

MagellanTV is looking for the ultimate fan to kick back and watch true crime documentaries on their streaming service. They're willing to pay $100 an hour for you to watch 24 hours of content. That's $2,400 and all you have to do is document your experience on social media.

In order to be considered, applicants must be over the age of 18, have at least one active social media account and be a current U.S resident. To get an edge up on the competition, candidates can submit a link to a video explaining why they're the perfect fit for this challenge.

Only one person will be selected at the beginning of May to participate. 100 runners-up will also be offered a free year of membership to MagellanTV's streaming platform, which might be a steal in itself.

Don't be worried if they don't pick you this time around. This is the third time they've hosted this competition, so the odds are likely that they'll be doing it again next year.

Needless to say, people were kind of excited for the competition.

Maybe too excited? 👀

Some Twitter users even think the job was created with them in mind.

The watchlist will include a doc about the White Widow, who is one England's most infamous terrorists, as well as episodes of Nurses Who Kill, Murder Maps, 10 Steps To Murder and more.

There's no need to worry about being overly-exhausted if you win. The terms and conditions clarify the winner will actually have 48 hours to complete the challenge, so you can take breaks between the tales of murder.

What would your dreams be like in the middle of a 24-hour crime binge?

Actually we don't want to know, but if that's your thing, then go for it!

True Crime Watcher

Someone holding a TV remote.

Someone holding a TV remote.

Andrew Mrozowski | Narcity

Salary: $2,400 ($100/hour) for one night

Company: MagellanTV

Why you should apply: Kick back, relax and learn about your favorite murderers and robbers for 24 hours. You just have to share your experience on social media. This is the ultimate gig for true crime fanatics.

Apply here

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