A TikToker Found A Syrian Man In A Toronto Value Village Who Named His Kid Justin Trudeau

There's even a birth certificate to prove it.

Toronto Associate Editor
Sara and Younis at Value Village in Toronto.

Sara and Younis at Value Village in Toronto.

Naming your children can be tricky and stressful because it's a name they will carry around forever, so you better make it great. But what are some names you should probably avoid?

On Monday, a TikToker named Sara posted a video with a Syrian man and his children at a Value Village in Toronto. The video revolved around a 2-year-old named after the current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

In Arabic, Sara asked the man for his name and where he was from, to which he responded with Younis from Halab, also known as Aleppo, in Syria.


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The camera then turned over to his son, who was sitting in a shopping cart, and Younis said in Arabic, "This boy's name is Justin Trudeau, my son. I named his after Justin Trudeau."

Sara then asked the kid to confirm if his name is Justin.

At the end of the video, the TikToker shared a screenshot of an Ontario birth certificate that showed the child's given name as Justin Trudeau, born in 2020.

"Mans dedicated his whole offspring," someone commented, to which Sara answered with, "Girl when he pulled out the birth certificate I was DONE."

"My neighbour did the same thing 😂 his age too," another person said.

Apparently, this is not uncommon. A TikToker commented saying, "My grandfather was Wilfred Laurier Lewis 😂"

According to Global Citizen, other Syrian children in Canada have also been named Justin Trudeau.

In 2017, they published a story about a Syrian refugee family in Calgary that named their child Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilan. It was to honour the prime minister's welcoming policy toward refugees.

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
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