Ontario's Weather Forecast Calls For Some Snow Next Week & Here's Where

It has begun. 🥶

Streets and trees covered with snow during an Ontario winter storm.

Streets and trees covered with snow during an Ontario winter storm.

This week started off unseasonably balmy, but according to Ontario's weather forecast, next week will be downright wintry. Autumn is officially as annoying as that coworker who always begs you to take their shift.

On Thursday, The Weather Network (TWN) reported that the province would be plagued by "colder than average" temperatures next week, with daytime highs floating in the single digits. Even southern spots like Windsor will likely clock highs of just 8 degrees and 3 degrees at night!

The chilly conditions will set the stage for regions in northwestern Ontario to record "decent snowfall totals" throughout the upcoming workweek. So long foliage, we hardly knew you.

"Forecasters are also keeping a close eye on the lake-effect rain and snow showers as the cooler pattern takes hold, with the potential for some significant lake-effect snow for areas southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay," TWN reports.

In fact, residents of far north cities such as Timmins, Elliot Lake, and Cochrane could be shovelling up to 3 centimetres of accumulation off of their vehicles by as earlier as this coming Tuesday.

It's worth noting that these cities won't be the only areas affected, as snowfall is a risk for the northwest part of Ontario in general, but they are a good reference point for what to expect.

Please, no more. It's not even winter yet.

What will winter look like in Ontario?

The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a colder and snowier winter than usual for the province this year, thanks to a combination of low sunspot activity and a weaker El Niño.

Conditions such as rain, sleet and hail will be more prominent, with Ontario's coldest periods slated for mid-to-late November, early and late December, and January.

February is also expected to be frigid.

The Almanac also reported that the province's snowiest periods would be in late November, early December and mid-January.

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