An intense storm tore through Parry Sound, Ontario on Tuesday morning, leaving behind property damage and uprooted trees in its wake.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the area earlier today, warning residents to be on the lookout for wind gusts of 110km/h, ping pong-sized hail and cautioned that tornadoes were possible.

Residents took to Twitter to share photos of the damage, and some were hoping to find out if a tornado did actually touch down.

"Severe damage to property, trees down and uprooted and vehicles smashed," one Twitter user wrote.

Environment Canada has not confirmed whether a Toronado did actually occur in the area. But a severe thunderstorm watch has also been issued for several major cities and regions across southern Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough, and Halton.

Premier Doug Ford took to Twitter to warn residents about a "possible tornado" in Parry Sound and the severe storms rolling across southern Ontario. "Please keep an eye on weather advisories in your region and stay safe," he tweeted.