Simu Liu Gave A Heartfelt Shout Out To Square One Mall & Mississauga On 'Hot Ones'

He used to frequent Abercrombie & Fitch.

Toronto Staff Writer
Simu Liu Gave A Heartfelt Shout Out To Square One Mall & Mississauga On Hot Ones

If you grew up in Mississauga, there's a pretty good chance you spent a good portion of your teenage years bumming around Square One waiting to come of age, or at least that's what Simu Liu was doing.

The Shang-Chi And The Ten Rings star was questioned about the mall's impact on his youth during his appearance on Hot Ones this Thursday.

"That was the place to hang out, especially if you're underage, you'd just hang out at the mall and watch movies," Liu said

The 32-year-old, who grew up in the Erin Mills area, also talked about his early career as an Abercrombie & Fitch model, which he got from stalking the company's Square One location.

"I remember I wanted to be hot and cool so bad that I would go to stores just to hang out waiting to get scouted. I would do my hair, and it never happened," Liu recalled. "I was so desperate that I literally just came in with a resume."

The former Kim's Convenience actor did eventually get the job. A moment he jokingly called "the happiest moment" of his life.

The shout-out to his old haunts isn't that surprising, as Liu has shown plenty of love to the Greater Toronto Area since becoming a superstar.

The Marvel actor was presented with a personalized Raptors jersey earlier this week while attending the team's face-off against Memphis at Scotiabank Arena.

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Toronto Staff Writer
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