The Canadian Coast Guard Is Hiring In 2 Provinces & You Can Make Over $50K On The Water

You don't need much experience! 🚢

The Canadian Coast Guard Is Hiring In 2 Provinces & You Can Make Over $50K On The Water
Toronto Associate Editor

Have you ever dreamed of working onboard a boat, and spending your days at sea?

Now's your chance to shout out "all aboard" because the Canadian Coast Guard is hiring across Ontario and Quebec right now, and workers will get to spend their days out on the water.

You don't even need loads of experience! Applicants just need to have a valid passport and safe food handling certificate and have at least three months of working in the hospitality industry.

So, what is the job exactly? According to the posting, stewards will be responsible for a variety of "household chores" like laundry, cleaning up the dining room or cafeteria as well as the officer's bathrooms and cabins.

Workers will be on board for a period of time between 14 to 42 days with the same amount of time off (and that's paid time off).

The pay is also pretty sweet, as stewards make a grand total of $56,328 per year, not including overtime hours. The job, however, is not permanent, though it could open up the doors to apply to full-time positions with the Canadian Coast Guard moving forward.

"The intent of the process is to create an inventory of candidates that will be used to staff RELIEF positions on a term (temporary) basis for the Canadian Coast Guard in the Central and Arctic Region," the job posting reads and adds that it will apply to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence sectors, too.

Anyone interested in applying must also have a valid Health Canada Medical and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless otherwise accommodated under the Canadian Human Rights Act.


Salary: $56,328, annual salary

Company: The Canadian Coast Guard

Who Should Apply: If you're itching for some adventure and travel while working on a boat at sea (and are down to work "irregular schedules"), then throw your hat in the ring to be considered as a steward for the Canadian Coast Guard.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor