This Sunflower Field Near Toronto Has Over 100K Blooms & You Can Cut Your Own Bouquet

There's a new weekend bar this year!🍹🌻

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Yellow door photo stop in the sunflower field. Right: Walking through the Sunflower Experience trail.

Yellow door photo stop in the sunflower field. Right: Walking through the Sunflower Experience trail.

You can follow a yellow bloom trail as you pick your own bouquet from a sunflower field in Ontario this summer.

Pingle's Farm Market is having their Sunflower Experience again this August with new activities and even more flowers. They have over 100,000 sunflowers in a 6.5-acre field, and have also added a garden of wildflowers this season for you to enjoy.

They plan to open the sunflower field on August 5 this year, as long as the weather cooperates. Your general admission ticket will bring you on a wagon ride to access the flower field and photo stops, and on the weekends there will also be food vendors and live entertainment. The price is $16 in advance or $18 at the door.

The wagon ride passes a strawberry field, pumpkin patch and new wildflower garden where you can pick some blooms. You can make your way through a cleared pathway surrounded by the fields of yellow and green, where you can snap some pics and snip some flowers to take home with you.

Some of the massive photo displays you can look forward to seeing are a yellow door, hanging wooden frames, a bathtub and a couch. They're working on even more photo stops this year and have started to build a tire swing where you can feel like you're flying next to the blooms.

If you'd like to cut your own bouquet of sunflowers and wildflowers to bring home, there are three options: the Pingalicious Sunny Bucket is $26 where you can try and fit as many flowers in it as you can, you can fill up a mason jar for $20, or pick individual flowers for $3 each if you just want a few. You can cut from anywhere in the field but they'll recommend a few spots where you'll find the best-sized stems.

On the weekends you can sip on some boozy bevvies from local craft breweries and cideries, which is new to the farm this year. You can also check out some outdoor musical performances and indulge in some sweet and savoury treats (and while the menu isn't confirmed yet you can count on cold slushies and ice cream to be on the list).

If you don't care about the treats and hope to avoid some crowds, you can book a weekday sunset spot to admire and cut some sunflowers. You can also bring your furry friend by grabbing a Pupflower ticket.

Pingle's Market, Sunflower Experience

Price: $16 advance online, $18 at the door, cutting your own bouquets costs extra

When: Open August 5, 2022 (weather permitting)

Address: 1805 Taunton Rd. E., Hampton, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can follow a field of yellow, as you take photos at display spots amongst the blooms, pick your own bouquet to bring home and feast on food and drinks in the entertainment area. Strollers or wagons are not recommended as the ground is bumpy and not fully accessible.


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