Toronto Is Going To Be Warmer Than Los Angeles This Week & December's Forecast Is A Mess

Not quite what you were expecting?

Toronto Is Going To Be Warmer Than Los Angeles This Week & December's Forecast Is A Mess

Anyone counting on normal winter weather to arrive in Toronto this week can keep dreaming. December's forecast is so off the rails; it seems like we'll be ripping off our coats just to put them back on again through Christmas.

According to the Weather Network, spring-like temperatures will once again dominate the city on Thursday, with daytime highs of 16 C expected. Even more bizarre? It's set to be warmer than some of the sunny spots in California.

In Los Angeles, for example, daytime highs will only reach about 12 C on Thursday, according to the current forecast.

Ontario will have southwesterly winds of up to 60-80 km/h to thank for its balmy weather, as they'll help to pump mild air across the region, allowing "daytime highs to reach the mid to high teens," according to TWN.

However, despite a "potentially record-setting" warming pattern and the complete derailing of the old December forecast, Ontarians still haven't totally missed their chance to experience a consistently cold early winter.

TWN reports this weekend's forecast will be a chilly mix of seasonal temperatures with light snowfall expected for most of southern Ontario.

The cold pattern could hold into next week or rapidly change, leaving the likelihood of a white Christmas up in the air.

"Ironically, the pattern evolution will be influenced by a typhoon in the western Pacific and the impact on the pattern will be to create more resistance to the advance of Arctic air into our region," said Dr. Doug Gillham, TWN meteorologist.

"However, it looks like we will see a rather wintry stretch between Christmas and New Year's and well into early January as well," he adds.

So it seems like the random weather that has plagued most of December is expected to continue, but maybe we can toboggan in the New Year? Sigh.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.