Toronto Weather Is Going To Be A Wet Mess Today & You Should Probably Throw On A Raincoat

Other parts of southern Ontario are also getting rained on! ☔️

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Weather Is Going To Be A Wet Mess Today & You Should Probably Throw On A Raincoat

It's going to be a soggy start to the week in Toronto and you might want to carry an umbrella with you.

A special weather statement was issued at 5:36 a.m. on October 25 for heavy rain that's expected to pour down all day on the 6ix.

An extra 15 to 30 millimetres of rain is expected to come down, making the total rainfall somewhere between 30 to 50 millimetres. The rainfall is expected to ease up early this evening.

There could be flooding in low-lying areas in the city, and Environment Canada is advising to keep storm drains clear of fallen leaves and other debris when it is safe to do so, to help prevent this from happening.

Toronto isn't the only place that'll be hit with buckets of rain. Other parts across southern Ontario also have special weather statements issued, with areas in the southernmost part of the province getting hit the hardest.

Sage W.

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