Toronto's Weather Is Freezing This Week & Will Actually Be Colder Than The Arctic Circle

It almost broke a daily record.

A view of Toronto from across the lake during winter.

A view of Toronto from across the lake during winter.

If you're one of many Torontonians wondering where your spring vibes ran off to, the Arctic Circle probably wouldn't have been your first guess.

But, according to The Weather Network, a bizarre pattern has flipped the script on the city, sending temperatures plummeting more than 10 degrees below seasonal on Monday while icy spots like Nunavut are warming up.

In fact, the sudden return of bitter cold came close to breaking a daily record in Toronto on Monday as lows on March 28 typically land around zero.

The report also reveals that when weather extremes occur in one spot, they are usually balanced out by strange patterns in other regions.

So basically, southern Ontario will be a wintry mess this week while residents of Baffin Island will experience significant relief from the cold.

It won't just be a brief fling either, with the warming system expected to remain across eastern Nunavut, allowing temperatures to continue rising well above seasonal.

"That same trough will be responsible for some gusty winds across southern Ontario over the Great Lakes," said TWN meteorologist Rachel Modestino.

"So, we will be feeling closer to minus 20 in some locales, but through Monday, warming up to a balmy minus teens, minus 12 in the forecast for the City of Toronto, and much colder as you head further out from the Great Lakes," Modestino added.

Bascally, Torontonians hoping to find any relief from the weekend's chilly temperatures can give up on that pipe dream, but those living up north should take advantage of the switch while they can.

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Patrick John Gilson
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