6 Road Trips To The US From BC To Add To Your Bucket List Now That The Border Is Reopening

It's time to start planning 🗺️

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6 Road Trips To The US From BC To Add To Your Bucket List Now That The Border Is Reopening

The U.S. land border is now set to reopen to fully vaccinated Canadians in early November, which means it's time to start planning your next road trip.

If you're an intrepid explorer itching to pack your bags these past couple of years, it looks like it might finally be the time to do it.

B.C. is super close to the U.S., making it easy to visit our border neighbour when we want a change of scenery (or a trip to Target).

Here are some amazing road trips from B.C. that are within two hours of the U.S. border, so you can take a quick trip.

Victoria to Seattle

Time: Three hours to the border, 5 hours total.

Why You Need To Go: The main reason I want to go to Seattle is for the Grey's Anatomy tour. If you're not a die-hard Grey's fan like me though, the city is full of vibrant culture, cool coffee houses, and grunge music. You can catch a Seahawks game during the season, and take a trip to Pike Place Market.

Abbotsford to Montana

Time: 20 minutes to the border, 14 hours total

Why You Need To Go: Get that rocky mountain trip in by going to Montana. The long trip is made easier with beautiful views, and parks to stop at along the way. Bring a pair of cowboy boots and embrace your inner country. If you're into the outdoors and looking for a nature vacay, this is the trip for you.

Surrey to San Francisco

Time: 30 minutes to the border, 15 hours total.

Why You Need To Go: Although the trip is long, there are so many things to do in San Francisco. It's also an epic road trip along the coast, with tons of cute towns along the way to stop in at. Once you're there, check out the Golden Gate Bridge, hang out at the waterfront, or try to escape from Alcatraz. There are also an amazing amount of vintage stores there, so bring your wallet!

Whistler to Washington

Time: Two hours to the border, five hours total.

Why You Need To Go: It will take you two hours to reach the U.S. border from Whistler, but the drive is classic beautiful B.C. scenery. Once you make it the total trip of five hours to Washington State, you're in for an amazing trip. There are a ton of cool towns you can go to, including Olympia which is the capital. It has a breathtaking landscape, museums, and cool farmers' markets.

Vancouver to Las Vegas 

Time: An hour to the border, 19 hours total.

Why You Need To Go: If you're desperate for a super fun vacay, then you might be willing to make this drive. Since only the land border is set to open you're best bet for warmer weather is to pack up the car. Vegas gives you that sun you're probably missing in B.C., and basically guarantees a fun time.

Kelowna to Yellowstone National Park

Time: Two hours to the border, 13 hours total.

Why You Need To Go: Yellowstone basically speaks for itself. It's a stunning park in Wyoming with dramatic canyons, hot springs, waterfalls, and wildlife. You won't be disappointed if you road trip there.

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