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The US Land Border Finally Has An Official Opening Date & It's Only ​A Few Weeks Away

International air travellers will have to be fully vaccinated by then, too.

The US Land Border Finally Has An Official Opening Date & It's Only ​A Few Weeks Away

Fully vaccinated Canadian travellers finally have a date for when the U.S. land border will open and when vaccination rules will kick in for anyone entering the country, including by air.

In a tweet posted on October 15, White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz confirmed that the U.S. would be lifting travel restrictions for fully vaccinated international travellers entering the country by both land and air as of November 8.

"This policy is guided by public health, stringent, and consistent," Munoz said.

Previously, it had been announced that the U.S. would require all incoming international air passengers to be fully vaccinated and that the land border with Canada would reopen to fully vaccinated travellers in November, but no date had been revealed at that point.

Canadians who have received two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be considered fully vaccinated by the U.S. when they're travelling to the country by air but there has been no word yet on if that will also apply to people crossing the land border or if mixed doses will be accepted.

Fully vaccinated Americans have been able to travel to Canada by land and air since August.

A Federal Official Says Canada Handled The Pandemic 'In Better Ways' Than Other Countries

The health minister claimed that if the government acted like the U.S. there would've been more COVID-19 deaths.

According to a federal government official, Canada's pandemic response has been handled "in better ways" than other countries in terms of both health and economics.

Following the announcement of new travel restrictions because of the Omicron variant on November 30, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos spoke about the state of the pandemic in Canada and how the country will get through a new "level of uncertainty" now.

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Dr. Tam Says The New Omicron Variant Hasn't Been Found In Canada Yet But It Could Happen

The top doc noted that it's "very difficult" to keep the virus out even with travel restrictions in place.

With the recent discovery of the new Omicron variant, Canada's top doctor has revealed that it hasn't been detected in this country but it could happen even with new travel restrictions in place.

During a COVID-19 update on November 26, Dr. Theresa Tam said that provincial laboratories have searched for the variant but haven't found any detection to date, which means "there are no indications of the variant's presence in Canada."

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Researchers just discovered a highly mutated variant of the coronavirus and it's already gotten a name: Omicron.

The World Health Organization added the variant, B 1.1.529, to its variant of concern list on Friday, less than a month after it was first detected in South Africa and Botswana — and two days after it was classified under the labelling system used by the CDC.

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A Heavily Mutated New COVID Variant Was Just Discovered & Countries Are Restricting Travel

Borders are tightening up after a handful of cases were detected.

International borders are slamming shut against a newly-discovered variant of the coronavirus, which South African officials say has several "very unusual" mutations.

It's so new that the World Health Organization only just gave it the designations B.1.1.529 on Wednesday and Omicron on Friday. That's when a handful of cases were first spotted in South Africa and Botswana, but it was already reported in Europe on Friday.

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