BC Is Telling People Not To Use US-Canada Border Exemptions For Black Friday Shopping

The Canada-U.S. border has dropped certain travel restrictions for people impacted by the B.C. floods, letting them cross without the PCR test — for essential reasons only.

With many highways closed and undergoing repairs due to the flooding and mudslides early last week, some B.C. residents need to go through the U.S. for food or gas, or due to supply chain issues.

At a press conference on Monday though, B.C.'s Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth warned people not to take advantage of the exemption.

"People in border communities can also head south to pick up essentials without taking a PCR test upon re-entry," Farnworth explained.

"When I say essentials, I mean food and fuel. I don't mean family trips or Black Friday shopping expeditions," he added.

He made it pretty clear that anyone wanting to travel to the U.S. for shopping without getting tested is going to have to wait until November 30, when fully vaccinated Canadians who are gone for less than 72 hours will no longer need a molecular test to re-enter Canada.*

So long as B.C. is in a state of emergency though, everyone is asked to reduce travel in the province, to keep roads clear for emergency vehicles and repairs.

These changes to the border for B.C. residents came after multiple mudslides, excessive flooding and multiple deaths.

Now there is another storm hitting B.C., just as the government is getting the many repairs and the long recovery process underway.

The queen issued a statement Monday addressing the province, sending a message of support during the tragic times.

*This article has been updated.

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