The Queen Has A Message For Everyone Affected By The BC Floods & We're Feeling Her Love

The queen has released a statement, sending her love to B.C. amid the storms and the devastation that have caused chaos over the past several days.

B.C. is in a state of emergency as it deals with the rebuilding of highways, recovery from massive flooding and attempting to repair damages in many areas.

The queen gave credit to the first responders and many volunteers who have been working hard over the past week and still have a long road ahead.

With another storm expected to hit B.C. soon, there seems to be no end in sight.

The message from the queen is yet another testament to the scale of these disasters, seen on a global level.

Even the U.S. has dropped travel restrictions during this time of crisis, allowing B.C. residents to cross the border for essential reasons without getting tested or quarantining.

Multiple lives have been lost during the tragic events, leaving a 2-year-old girl orphaned.

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B.C. is yet again facing extreme weather conditions, leading to multiple evacuation orders, flood advisories, highways closures and mudslides.

The current storms have come after historic weather hit B.C. two weeks ago, leading to multiple deaths and widespread destruction, as well as the province declaring a state of emergency.

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The wild weather in B.C. will be taking a brief pause on Sunday, November 28 before ramping up again early in the week.

According to The Weather Network, the "soaking rains will ease up across parts of B.C. Sunday afternoon and evening, but another potent system is expected early next week for Tuesday morning, lingering into Wednesday."

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Ryan Reynolds is sending love to his home province of B.C., as it deals with flooding and devastation caused by extreme weather conditions.

The actor never hides his love for his Canadian home. He grew up in Vancouver and still shouts out his hometown on a regular basis.

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People Across BC Have Just Been Told To 'Be Prepared To Evacuate' As Another Storm Hits

The warning comes as many residents are finally able to return to their homes.

B.C. is getting hit by more storms again this week, and people are being told to prepare for possible evacuations.

In a press conference on Thursday, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth said that as the storms continue throughout the weekend, people should get their emergency kits ready.

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