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These Buildings In Vancouver Are 'Stressing' Some People Out Because Of How They Look

One person said it's giving them 'Whoville' vibes. 🏢

Vancouver Staff Writer
TikTok screenshots featuring Vancouver architecture.

TikTok screenshots featuring Vancouver architecture.

Vancouver's skyline is full of unique architecture, but according to the comments on a viral TikTok video, the look of some Vancouver condo buildings is stressing people out.

Downtown Vancouver is home to so many condos and some super expensive real estate, some of which are in eye-catching buildings.

A Vancouver real estate agent posted to TikTok pointing out a few of the buildings, and some of the comments are probably not what you'd expect.


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One user came through with a hilarious comment saying, "It's giving Whoville," referring to the style of architecture in the fictional world of Dr. Seuss classics.

Multiple comments on the video referred specifically to the futuristic-looking Vancouver House building.

One user said that it "STRESSES ME OUT," while another commented saying the building "is technically a water feature" — likely a jab at the flood that occurred there in April 2021.

The astonishing skyscraper is one that just can't be missed when passing through Vancouver.

One TikTok user that claimed to work on these buildings chimed in to say that "they're not fun to build."

The intricate designs of these look intense and mesmerizing and are a testament to the skilled architecture that is involved in creating such structures.

While they look super cool, one commenter had to mention that "an architect's dream is an engineer's nightmare."

Vancouver seems to have a lot of architect dreams popping up.

Others are straight-up saying, "They look so scary."

To be fair, some of them resemble something from out of this world.

Some of these buildings haven't even been built yet — and there are new creations popping up all over the city all the time.

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