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6 Government Of Canada Jobs Hiring In BC & Some Pay Over $100K

Want to make make six figures? 💰

Vancouver Staff Writer
​The city of Vancouver. Right: Government of Canada sign.

The city of Vancouver. Right: Government of Canada sign.

The Government of Canada is hiring some jobs based in B.C., and a few of them will pay you a sweet six-figure salary. You can apply to them right now, and start bringing home $100,000 a year, or more.

Different sectors of the government are hiring people in the province, including Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard.

So, it might be time to touch up that resume and get to thinking about starting a new career in one of these high-paying fields.

Facility Cleaner/Janitor (Visitor Facilities Attendant)

Salary: $19.83 to $21.58 per hour

Department: Parks Canada

Who Should Apply: This role will have you cleaning the Parks Canada Agency buildings near Radium Hot Springs or Field in B.C., so you can be close to nature all day long.

Apply Here

Senior Marine Safety Inspector

Salary: $100,209 to $116,802

Department: Transport Canada - Marine Safety & Security

Who Should Apply: Calling all lovers of boats and the sea — this role will have you inspecting ships and working on investigations for Transport Canada. You will also act as a project manager, approve ship plans and keep tabs on ship safety systems.

The job requires someone with education or a minimum of five years of experience in marine design technical or operational management of ships, master or chief mate experience, and chief engineer or second engineer on ships experience.

Apply Here

Social Program Officer

Salary: $61,318 to $79,589

Department: Correctional Service Canada

Who Should Apply: This job will have you organizing and delivering specific duties for social programs. Plus, it will pay you a Correctional Service Specific Duty Allowance of $2,000 each year.

Apply Here

Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations

Salary: $112,197 to $131,596

Department: Transport Canada - Civil Aviation

Who Should Apply: This role requires someone with a diploma or equivalent education and training and a minimum flight time of 3,000 hours.

You will be in charge of the safety of air carriers, airports, heliports and flight training units.

If you are passionate about planes and have relevant education or experience, this would be a great paying role to apply for.

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Inspector / Senior Inspector – Electrical, Electronics, Hull or Mechanical

Salary: $91,949 to $116,802

Department: National Defence, Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Canadian Coast Guard

Who Should Apply: This role will have you providing technical inspections and construction duties of ships.

You will need a degree or diploma in the related field as well as previous experience on a Government of Canada or commercial vessel as well as previous auditing experience.

Apply Here

Radio Astronomy Systems Engineer

Salary: Not specified

Department: The National Research Council of Canada

Who Should Apply: This three-year gig will have you working with Canada's largest research and technology organization to support the Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre.

You will have to have a bachelor's degree and a minimum of three years of work experience to land this gig.

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