People In BC Share How They Make Extra Money On The Side & They're Game Changers

So many side hustles! 💸

A photo of downtown Vancouver. Right: A generic picture of Canadian money.

A photo of downtown Vancouver. Right: A generic picture of Canadian money.

Everyone knows how expensive B.C. is, and some people have found creative ways to make ends meet while living in the province.

People are sharing the odd jobs, side hustles and work that they do to get some extra cash.

A Reddit user wanted in on everyone's secrets to being able to live in a super expensive part of Canada, and they got some great tips. People are doing a bunch of different side jobs, and some of them actually sound awesome.

Whether you want to finally have enough to buy a house, go on a trip, have a shopping spree or just afford rent in Vancouver — these can help you.

Especially if you work a desk job, doing something active on the side could be fun. Plus, it's like combining a workout with getting paid.

Not into hockey? Try another sport.

If you're feeling brave, you could take up being a bouncer.

Why not get paid to do your chores?

One user said, "I got a big dog that needs lots of exercise so I reached out to my community and now I'm a dog walker in the winter when work is slow. It's been great spending time with so many awesome dogs."

Some jobs will give you the perfect time to catch up on your favourite podcasts.

Want an extra roomie? It could be worth it.

If you can get a job working online, you can even wear your pyjamas all day long.

One user said that they "teach English online, 20 USD an hour."

Some people were scared off by the thread.

While others just took it as an opportunity to share.

A lot of the jobs seemed to require some serious energy.

You can give people pure joy, delivering their favourite food and saving them from doing dishes.

You can always get creative too.

People are bringing in some serious cash on OnlyFans.

It might be time to finally try to understand what Bitcoin is.

One user said, "Crypto buy 10% from every pay cheque you will thank yourself in 10 years BTC and ETH."

It's clear that B.C. knows how to hustle!

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