People Are Sharing What Jobs They Do For Over $35/hr & Some Don't Even Need A Degree

There are some pretty cool career options out there.

People Are Sharing What Jobs They Do For Over $35/hr & Some Don't Even Need A Degree

Finding a job that is going to pay you well and doesn't require a lot of schooling can be tough.

Luckily someone sparked a helpful conversation, asking people in B.C. who make over $35 an hour what they do for work and how much schooling they did to get there.

While some people needed to go to school for these well-paying jobs, there were a few that didn't require any degrees.

B.C. has a high cost of living, with Vancouver's median rent for a one-bedroom place sitting at $2,200 — so any tips on how to get paid more are probably more than welcome.

The Reddit user who asked the question said that she is 28 years old and lives in Victoria. She was considering going back to school, with the goal of getting a job that pays over $35 per hour.

So, she turned to the world of Reddit to help figure out how to make it possible, and people came forward in droves.

Some careers were kind of niche, but apparently, there's a huge demand for them. Going into a field like those could make it way easier to get a job right out of school.

The thread gave some great tips.

While some didn't need a school degree, you would have to put in time doing an apprenticeship. It might be worth the pay though.

A lot of people in the thread suggested getting into the trades. School is required, but it sounds more flexible than some other degrees out there.

There were some great suggestions and high salaries.

So many interesting jobs were listed that would make almost anyone consider a career change.

Some don't require school but do require lots of bravery.

People were super helpful and ready to give lots of information about their career paths.

Trades made a few appearances and came highly recommended by people in the thread.

If you're looking to switch things up in your career, now you have some ideas to look into!

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