6 Side Hustles In Vancouver Where You Can Make Some Extra Money On The Side

These are game changers! 💸

City of Vancouver, B.C. Right: Canadian paper currency bills.

City of Vancouver, B.C. Right: Canadian paper currency bills.

Getting a side hustle to make some extra money while living in Vancouver is not a bad idea, especially considering the wild rent prices in the city.

Taking on a side gig or part-time job gives you some flexibility, and helps you earn enough money to survive in B.C. — plus, a lot of them are pretty easy to do.

Even if you don't need the extra cash, these could be downright fun experiences to have. Vancouver offers some unique job opportunities that you can't find in many other places.

It's time to take advantage and make that money. These six side hustles in Vancouver will change the game for you.

Casting calls

Vancouver is called "Hollywood North" for a reason — there is filming here all the time.

Some casting calls are for major productions, while others are for small one-time gigs like commercials. A lot of the time they will pay you super well for a short amount of working time.

If you want to make some extra money, join the Vancouver BC Casting Notices Facebook group and keep an eye out for opportunities.

Maybe you'll get lucky and be the next Ryan Reynolds someday.

Reffing soccer games

Becoming a referee for soccer, hockey, or basketball is a great way to earn some money on the side.

You just take a short training course (depending on the sport) and then get paid for every game that you ref. You can choose how many you do, so it's ideal for people who have busy schedules and want flexible work.

Driving Uber

Similar to reffing, you can make your own hours with Uber.

It's a classic side hustle for a reason. Just drive around, hand over the aux cord, and get those five-star reviews.

Dog walking

If you live in Vancouver you know that there are dogs everywhere. Because of the hikes and trails, it's super common to have a pup at home. People don't always have the time to walk them, though — and that's where you come in.

You can get some exercise while also being around adorable dogs the whole time and making money.

Plus, Vancouver has some stunning areas to walk, where you can be immersed in nature.

Delivery services

Vancouver has Door Dash, SkipTheDishes, Tiggy, and tons more delivery services to offer.

From groceries to meals, you can make some great money delivering. You can even ride a bike if you don't have a car. Vancouver also has great bike paths, so you'll be nice and safe.

Being an extra

Yet again, Hollywood North comes in clutch. Casting calls are great, but if you want to break into the movie industry you can get an agent to specifically help you get extra roles.

You can get paid to be on screen and hopefully meet some big-time celebs who come to town for filming.

Honestly, you should do it for the bragging rights alone.

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