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Locals Are Sharing How To See The Northern Lights In BC & It's Worth The Drive

Here's when and where you should go! 👇

Western Canada Editor
Aurora Borealis in B.C.

Aurora Borealis in B.C.

This weekend the northern lights in Canada were shining, and people in B.C. are no strangers to the incredible force of nature.

The geomagnetic storm activity that strengthened the aurora borealis had locals in a Reddit thread sharing all of the best spots to go and view them. From small towns in B.C. to a quick drive from Vancouver, locals came through with some great suggestions.

The thread started thanks to a future UBC student who wants to see the northern lights in all their glory.

So, they turned to Reddit to ask what the best spots are to view them and when.

Someone directed the user to an aurora forecast website where you can see when the activity will be high. That way you can go at just the right time and have a way better chance of seeing the lights.

"You can't go wrong by taking a trip to Muncho Lake/Liard Hotsprings in October-December," one user said.

Others suggested making a road trip from B.C. to the Yukon, or just heading up north more generally.

Clearly right in the city is not the best place to be to see the northern lights, so try going for a camping trip somewhere in the mountains.

Some cute small towns were named in the thread. Even if the lights don't make an appearance, a visit to Dawson Creek could still be fun.

The early birds in Vancouver might get lucky though, apparently.

They don't only appear in the winter too, which is good news for anyone who hates the cold.

Good luck out there to all those hoping to see the beautiful lights!

    Morgan Leet
    Western Canada Editor
    Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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