Jennifer Lopez Keeps Getting Spotted Filming In Vancouver & She's Kind Of A Badass (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez is in Vancouver filming her new Netflix movie, The Mother, and we are so excited about the idea of seeing her on the street.

She was seen filming the action-thriller movie downtown, playing an assassin who is protecting her daughter.

JLo herself shared some behind-the-scenes shots in Vancouver.

She's officially walking the streets.

She was also seen filming in a local park.

And you can expect to see notices of filming around town while she's here.

So, keep your eyes open walking down the street because she might be around the corner!

Maid on Netflix just came out this month and already has people raving. If you live in B.C., you're probably recognizing a bunch of locations while you're watching.

The popular show was filmed around Vancouver Island at some stunning locations.

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Walking down the streets of Vancouver just got a little bit more exciting, since you can turn the corner and see your favourite celeb.

One of the most notable shows filming downtown right now is Firefly Lane, a Netflix hit about childhood friends. It stars Katherine Heigl and Canadian actress Sarah Chalke, who were both spotted on the street.

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'Resident Alien' Season 2 Has Started Filming & It's Taking Over Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Downtown Vancouver is New York City for the day. 🏙️🗽

The second season of Resident Alien is being filmed across Vancouver, and locals are loving it.

The SYFY show stars Alan Tudyk, who plays an alien that recently crash-landed on earth on a secret mission. Based on a comic book series, the science fiction show is a blend of mystery and comedy.

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