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A girl on the Eagle Coaster. Right: The Eagle Coaster views.

A girl on the Eagle Coaster. Right: The Eagle Coaster views.

Summer fun is starting, and this heart-pumping roller coaster on a mountain in B.C. is taking it to the next level.

The Eagle Coaster is located on Cypress Mountain in B.C. and it will take you right down the mountain, and through the forest. The exciting ride will be opening up on June 3 — so start calling up all your buddies to join.

The roller coaster is 1.7 kilometres long and has a vertical drop of 279 meters. It will let you reach a speed up to 40 kilometres per hour — so you will be feeling the wind in your face.

If that's a little too fast for you, the ride does have a brake and you can control your own speed to move at whatever pace feels most comfortable.

It's a ride meant for all ages and even toddlers are welcome to try it out — on their parent's lap, of course. There are a ton of seats, making it easy to bring a whole crew with you to experience the ride.

You'll want to try to pick a sunny day for this ride because the coaster cannot operate in heavy rain, so start wishing for some sunny summer days ahead.

The views will be nothing short of breathtaking while on this ride. From the Eagle Coaster, you will get to see some stunning views of Vancouver and the ocean.

It's the perfect plan for any summer day to have some fun and enjoy being outdoors. Plus, if you're an adrenaline lover, this ride might just be one of the most exciting things for you.

Eagle Coaster

Price: $32

Address: 6000 Cypress Bowl Rd., West Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This roller coaster looks like a wild time with a side of great views. Skip the regular coasters at amusement parks and try one that goes down a literal mountain!


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