Playland In Vancouver Opens Soon & This New Ride Will Have People Screaming (PHOTO)

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A woman holding candy in front of the rides. Right: Playland rides.​

A woman holding candy in front of the rides. Right: Playland rides.

If you've been patiently waiting for your chance to hop on all those exciting rides at Playland again, you will be able to do it soon.

Playland at the PNE in Vancouver, B.C. is set to open on June 18, with a thrilling new ride planned for later in the summer.

The new ride is called the Skybender and looks wild. This ride will just give you all the more reason to check out Playland, and it is set to start running in July.

“Skybender is unlike anything currently available in Canada and is one of the few rides anywhere in the world offering a single rider experience,” said the PNE President and CEO, Shelley Frost.

The Skybender.The Skybender.Playland Press Release

Of course, most of the classic rides you still know and love will be there to add a little excitement to your day too.

One of the amusement park's most iconic rides, the Playland Wooden Coaster, got a huge makeover as well. It has been around for 64 years and now has been refurbished.

“This retrofit will ensure that this special piece of global ride history is ready to celebrate its 65th birthday in 2023 as well as many more decades thrilling Playland guests,” said PNE spokesperson, Laura Ballance.

Unfortunately, there are a few rides retiring this year, including the Crazy Beach Party and the Music Express ride.

“We all loved the Music Express, but that ride had reached the end of its lifecycle, so it was removed and recycled, making way for the addition of Skybender and other exciting park improvements in this and coming years,” said Ballance.


Price: $31.50 to $43.50

Address: 2901 E Hastings St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: This amusement park has been making people scream for decades. It's a great place to enjoy a summer day with friends and experience some thrill-seeking rides.


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