No Disrespect To Blake Lively & Seth Rogen, But They're Wrong About Vancouver's Best Donuts

The donut debate is on! 🍩

Associate Editor, Vancouver
Blake Lively. Right: Seth Rogen eating at Lee's Donuts in Vancouver.

Blake Lively. Right: Seth Rogen eating at Lee's Donuts in Vancouver.

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Blake Lively is an Earth angel, and Seth Rogen is B.C.'s official stoner ambassador and purveyor of ceramic goods — so clearly, I have nothing but love for these two people. But they have both revealed their favourite donuts in Vancouver, and I can't stay silent any longer: their choices are simply incorrect.

I moved to Vancouver just under two years ago, and if the city changed one thing about me, it was my appetite for donuts. Upon landing in B.C. I was suddenly surrounded by a dreamscape of ring-shaped treats.

It was inevitable that I'd become a raging donut snob.

Within Vancouver's city limits, there's Lee's Donuts (as featured in the first episode of Seth Rogen's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Netflix), Cartem's (as featured in Blake Lively's IG story), Mello, Their There, Mochido, Duffin's and more.

Call it a weird flex, but I've tried 'em all.

In the 2019 Netflix special, Rogen said that he's been going to Lee's since high school, praising the jelly donut as a "perfect food." It's true that Lee's has the classic donut formula on lock — and it's so popular, there's usually a line up out the door.

Cartem's Donuts usually has less of a wait but it still serves up yummy treats worthy of Blake Lively's attention too. In fact, she cited these donuts as one of her four favourite things in the world.

But of all these fried rings of deliciousness, I believe there is one donut that reigns supreme.

Let me introduce to you: Lucky's Donuts.

If you're a Vancouver local, you're probably already familiar with Lucky's, which operates out of 49th Parallel Café locations on Main St., Thurlow and West 4th.

To visit any of these humble coffee shops is to behold stuff of legends — a wide variety of fresh, locally made seasonal sweet treats worth fighting for.

I'm not even on a strictly gluten-free or vegan diet, but their GF double-chocolate ring is shockingly moist. Plus, they only use "the highest quality natural ingredients," according to their website.

The seasonal flavours are what keep me coming back. Lucky's surprises and delights its loyal customers with a refreshed menu every few months.

At any given time, you could walk in on a crème brulée bismarck, a mulled-wine old fashioned, a heart-shaped crueller or something beyond the limits of your imagination. Give it a try for yourself and prepare to be gobsmacked.

Someone eating a Lucky's donut.Someone eating a Lucky's donut.Morgan Leet | Narcity

That's right: Lucky's donuts are so gobsmackingly good that Lee's and Cartem's donuts simply cannot compete.

P.S. Blake Lively and Seth Rogen, I kindly invite you to hit me up when you're in town next. Let's go have some superior donuts together. My treat!

Lucky's Donuts

Price: 💸

Address: three locations in Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano and Downtown Vancouver.

Why You Need To Go: The wide assortment of donuts and 49th Parallel's delicious coffee are your new morning saviours.


Sierra Riley
Associate Editor, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is an Editor for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.
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