More People Can Now Get A Booster Dose In BC & Here’s How To Sign Up

The plan has been fast-tracked!

More People Can Now Get A Booster Dose In BC & Here’s How To Sign Up

The booster dose plan in B.C. has now been fast-tracked, and this is who is eligible to get it.

The Omicron variant has spread rapidly throughout the province and the world, leading B.C. to increase restrictions and allow more people to get the booster sooner.

In a press conference on December 31, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that "booster doses are amplifying our protection that we get from the first two doses of the vaccination."

She added that the government knew when they started the booster dose plan that the best time for people to get the booster was six to eight months after getting the second dose.

She explained that protection against serious illness and hospitalization can weaken in "some people more than others. People who are older or have immune-compromising conditions."

The priority, she said, has been to get these groups their booster dose first. But this has now been expanded to include more groups.

"With the rise of Omicron and the need to protect as many workers as possible, we're also moving up the timing to six months for most people," she said.

Dr. Henry added that "people who are pregnant, we know are at higher risk of severe illness" from COVID-19, which can affect them and their baby.

Because of this, she said that pregnant people are now being prioritized for the booster dose. If you are pregnant, and six months have gone by since your second dose, you are now eligible for the booster, whatever age you are.

If you meet this requirement, you have to contact the call centre to book your booster dose at 1-833-838-2323.

In the conference, Dr. Penny Ballem said that they hope to bring the booster plan to a "sooner conclusion."

She added that now everyone aged 60 years old and above, who received their second dose at least six months ago, is now able to get their booster dose.

How To Book Your Booster

Once you receive an invitation to get your booster dose, you can make an appointment.

According to the government website, you should get your invitation around six months after you received your second dose. Certain groups have been prioritized based on vulnerability.

You have to be registered on the Get Vaccinated system to get your invitation, or you can register by phone.

You then use the confirmation number that you will get in your invitation to book your appointment online or over the phone. Appointments are made at pharmacies, or at vaccine clinics.

The website said that you should be able to get your appointment within five weeks from when you receive your invitation.

For those living "in rural or remote Indigenous communities," the website said, "you can get a booster dose in your community from your local health authority."

People who are receiving long-term care at home or are living in an independent living facility will get their booster from a health care worker who will go to them.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.