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This Bar In BC Will Make You Feel Like You're In An Adults-Only Chuck E. Cheese

This bar in B.C. will make you feel like you're in an adults-only Chuck E. Cheese, and it's so fun to see.

For those of you that don't remember — Chuck E. Cheese was the ultimate games spot for any kid, which serves up some major nostalgia.

The Rec Room at Brentwood has introduced a similar style with loads of games, but this time its adults only.

This bar is super fun with games like pool, video games, simulator games, and more.

They even have a virtual reality car simulator game so you can feel like a real Nascar driver.

You can also enjoy some super fun drinks here.

There is a huge beer selection and cutely named cocktails like Peach Don't Kill My Vibe.

One thing is for sure about this place — you won't be leaving without having some great laughs with friends.

This is pretty much the perfect spot to hang out with friends indoors on any rainy Vancouver day.

The Rec Room also serves some delicious eats so you can fuel up to win those games.

Their nachos are something to drool over. Plus, they are the perfect snack for sharing.

You also can't miss out on leaving with a souvenir.

They have claw machines so you can feel just like a little kid again and win yourself a little toy.

This place pretty much has any game you could imagine — and more.

The Rec Room will for sure be a spot to be added to anyone's bucket list of fun things to do in Vancouver.

The Rec Room

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1920 Willingdon Ave., Unit 2106, Burnaby, BC

Why You Need To Go: This spot will have you feeling like a little kid again — with so many games. It's the perfect spot to hang with friends and enjoy some unique drinks.


    Ashley Harris
    Vancouver Staff Writer
    Ashley Harris is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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