7 Affordable Stores In Canada That Aren't Dollarama & Offer Great Prices (PHOTOS)

Paying full price in this economy? No thank you.

Storage bins from Dollar Tree. Right: A desk from JYSK.

Storage bins from Dollar Tree. Right: A desk from JYSK.

From groceries to gas prices, the cost of just about everything in Canada can be pretty overwhelming, and many people are turning to low-cost retailers to pick up everyday basics.

While Dollarama is a popular option that likely many know about, there are actually a few other stores dollar stores and bargain shops across the country where you can pick up goods at a cheaper price than traditional retailers.

So, if your wallet needs a bit of a break, check out these stores for some sweet deals!

Krazy Bins

Details: If you love going for a good bargain hunt, Krazy Bins is the retailer for you. Every week, they sort tens of thousands of goods into various boxes, and prices never exceed $25.

It means you definitely have to go searching for the products you want, but you can find some great deals on brand-name items like electronics and clothes.

Check out Krazy Bins

Brands Gone Wild

Details: Much like Krazy Bins, you never quite know what you're going to find at Brands Gone Wild. The retailer works with "Toronto-based wholesale buyers and sellers" to get brand-name items that they can then sell for "ridiculously low" prices.

But you'll have to be quick: "Once our stock is gone, it's gone for good," they warn.

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Details: From beauty products to Japanese snacks to home items, Miniso sells items priced between $2 and $10, with a few items going over that threshold.

Check out Miniso

Giant Tiger

Details: From affordable cute clothing to just about everything you need for your home, Giant Tiger labels itself as "the go-to destination where Canadians can shop smart and save smart with everything they want and need at a price they can feel good about."

Check out Giant Tiger


Details: If you're a fan of IKEA but looking for cheaper prices, JYSK promises "Scandinavian-inspired home decor at affordable prices in Canada."

Check out JYSK

Your Dollar Store With More

Details: Your Dollar Store With More is actually the largest dollar store franchise in Canada and offers great deals on many household necessities as well as seasonal goodies.

Check out Your Dollar Store With More

Dollar Tree

Details: If you're looking to diversify from Dollarama, Dollar Tree offers many products starting from just $1.25.

The store notes that they try to create an environment where shopping is fun during "tough economic times" by offering products at "extreme values."

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