This Is The Best Day To Book Flights In Canada But It Isn't Black Friday Or Cyber Monday

You can score major discounts on flights by waiting for this day instead. ✈️

​A person holds a drink in front of a plane window. Right: The wing of a plane over Reykjavik, Iceland.

A person holds a drink in front of a plane window. Right: The wing of a plane over Reykjavik, Iceland.

If you're looking to book a cheap vacation from Canada, it turns out that holding off on purchasing flights during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales actually helps you score a better deal.

According to online travel marketplace Hopper, the best day to find the cheapest prices and biggest discounts on flights isn't November 24 or 27 — it's actually Travel Deal Tuesday.

November 28, known as Travel Deal Tuesday, is historically the best time to score major deals on flights, hotels, homes and rental cars.

In fact, according to Hopper, last year, Travel Deal Tuesday saw nearly 78% more deals than on Cyber Monday and twice more than on Black Friday.

Last year, the marketplace says over 3,000 more routes from U.S. airports were on sale on Travel Deal Tuesday compared to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and travellers were able to score deals of over 60% off trips to Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, London, Lisbon & more.

While the exact details of 2023's discounts have not yet been shared, according to Hopper, travellers will want to hold off on purchasing flights or hotels over the November shopping weekend and wait for Travel Deal Tuesday 2023 instead.

Travel Deals Tuesday offers 

Hopper is forecasting great travel deals this year, with discounts of up to 80% off trips to Hawaii, Orlando, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and more deals to places like the Bahamas, Bali, London and Paris.

Hopper will also have exclusive hotel deals of up to 30% off for Canadian travellers who book on Travel Deal Tuesday, with destinations including Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver as well as hotels in major cities across the U.S, Mexico and Latin America.

According to Hopper, over 100 travel partners, including airlines, hotels and tourism boards, will be participating in Travel Deal Tuesday.

Airlines such as Porter Airlines and others will be running discounts on flights on November 28. Hotels including Caesars Entertainment, Encore Resort & Casino in Boston, Hotel La Croix in Honolulu, Golden Nugget Las Vegas and lots of other hotel properties around the world will be offering special rates of up to 40% off bookings made on the Tuesday.

In addition, over 30 tourism boards will be participating in Travel Deal Tuesday, offering discounts to popular destinations like Nashville, Milwaukee, Germany and more.

To find the best deals on Travel Deal Tuesday, you can check out the sale page in the Hopper app, where Hopper will be highlighting the best flight deals expected, destinations on sale and exclusive hotel deals that will be available on November 28.

In previous years, Hopper has said that the best time to score a deal is earlier in the day, so be quick to book that flight!

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