Calgary Weather Forecast Calls For A Month's Worth Of Snow Today & It's Going To Be Brutal

This weekend isn't looking good either! ❄️

Calgary in snow. Right: A street in Calgary in snow.

Calgary in snow. Right: A street in Calgary in snow.

Albertans have lucked out with a pretty mild January so far, but snow and cold temperatures are on their way back to the province just in time for the weekend.

According to the latest forecast fromThe Weather Network, Calgary could actually see more snow on Friday than in the entire month of January combined.

While January is usually one of the worst months in Alberta for a ton of snowfall and freezing cold temperatures, that hasn't been the case this year.

While Calgary has seen almost 70 centimetres of snow this winter, only 1.4 centimetres fell in January, compared to the usual average snowfall of around 6 centimetres, according to Weather Atlas.

The majority of the city's snowfall came in October, November and December.

The mild month so far is down to warm temperatures and a "relative lack of storm systems." TWN added.

"As cold air and a dynamic jet stream take hold, this will kickstart a series of clipper systems, bringing snow back into the province," TWN said.

As a result, some places are in for the heaviest snowfall since mid-December.

Snowfall started picking up overnight on Thursday and will continue into Friday morning, making travel across southern Alberta and Calgary tricky. The snow will ease into flurries by Friday afternoon and leave before the weekend.

On Friday, parts of southern Alberta could see up to 5 centimetres of snow, with higher amounts anticipated to hit the QE2 Highway and towards the Rockies. The foothills could see upwards of 15 centimetres of snow.

As well as snow, the usual winter temperatures will be making their way back to the province too.

While Friday will see temperatures at around the freezing mark, they're set to dive down over the weekend into the minus double digits and the cold will continue into the beginning of February.

"While the chill will descend on Alberta, the eastern Prairies will bear the brunt of the extreme cold with daytime highs only reaching -20 degrees for some communities," TWN said.

We might have been able to sneak in some extra patio time this winter, but Albertans might want to sit it out this weekend.

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Charlie Hart
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