The CSIS Is Hiring For Jobs In Calgary & Edmonton & You Could Earn Up To $109K

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Calgary. Right: Edmonton

Calgary. Right: Edmonton

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is hiring for a lot of jobs in both Calgary and Edmonton right now and you could earn up to $109,000.

Jobs including Foreign Language Communication Analysts, Surveillance Officers and human resources positions are available across Alberta and they come with a pretty decent salary too.

But if you are applying for one of these roles, you'll need to be discreet about it so no posting on social media! If you do discuss your application with your close family or partner, they'll also need to keep quiet about it too.

Foreign Language Communication Analyst

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250 a year

Location: Calgary and Edmonton

Who Should Apply: You will need to be able to translate from one or more foreign languages into French or English.

Languages needed are Arabic, Somali, Farsi, Mandarin, Kurdish, Sorani, Russian, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali or Spanish.

You'll also need an undergraduate degree and two years of experience in research, analysis and report writing.

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Human Resources Advisor

Salary: $73,970 to $89,970 a year

Location: Calgary

Who Should Apply: You'll need a degree or a college diploma to apply for this role in the CSIS HR team. You'll be working with clients to identify requirements and provide advice on HR trends.

You would also be conducting competency-based interviews for both internal and external vacancies.

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Surveillance Officer

Salary: $73,315 to $89,197 a year

Location: Calgary and Edmonton

Who Should Apply: If you hate office work, this job might appeal to you. As a surveillance officer, you will be driving around and conducting discreet surveillance both in a vehicle and on foot.

You'll need to be able to adapt quickly to different situations and manage high levels of stress.

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Technology Professionals, Operational Support

Salary: $89,934 to $109,408 a year

Location: Edmonton

Who Should Apply: You'll need to have graduated from a two-year program of study from a post-secondary institution in computer science, information technology, software engineering or another relevant specialty.

There are also a lot of different specialized streams from engineering, networking, communication, IT security and more.

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