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7 TikToks About Calgary Stampede That'll Make You Glad It's Over For Another Year

Drinking from a sweaty boot is not okay!

Calgary Staff Writer
Someone at the Calgary Stampede. Right: The Calgary Stampede midway.

Someone at the Calgary Stampede. Right: The Calgary Stampede midway.

The Calgary Stampede is over and done with for another year, and after two years of muted celebrations, it seemed like the city was ready to party more than ever before.

If you've never been, the 10-day event is pretty much a giant party with live music, different tents to visit and a ton of food and drinks. It's fun, but it's also brutal, and these TikToks shared throughout the Calgary Stampede prove it.

While there are a lot of reasons to love Stampede, these TikToks will show why it's probably a good idea Calgarians only have to go through this once a year.

People think drinking out a sweaty boot is ok


I’ll keep him. @koltonjordison55 #calgarystampede2022 #stampede #calgary #bootchug #cowboyshit

It's no surprise that cowboy boots are the shoe of choice for many when the Calgary Stampede comes around. However, they're also — for some reason — a pretty common vessel for drinks. Drinking beer out of a sweaty shoe isn't for everyone, but it definitely isn't uncommon come Stampede time.

The food can be questionable


Would y’all eat these or nah? 🫣 #fyp #yyc #calgary #xyzbca #calgarystampede #fypシ #foryou #yyctiktok #yycfood #calgaryyyc #yycfoodfeed

Picture this: you're hungry, you have to get in line for upwards of 20 minutes to order some food, and then all they have on the menu is cricket hotdogs? No, thank you!

Even if you're able to snag something delicious, there are only so many corndogs or colossal onions you can eat before they really take a toll on your body.

The safety bar might not be all that safe


Still spent the night going on more rides 💁🏽‍♀️ #calgarystampede #yyccalgary #yyc #yycliving

Amusement parks are fun and the one at the Stampede's midway is no exception. However, sometimes even the thing that's meant to protect you can end up doing damage. This Stampede goer found out the hard way when a safety bar fell and gave them a black eye.

You aren't able to move


T'was Fun 🥲 #stampede #calgarystampede #yyc

While it's fun to visit the midway for its food, rides and games, it's so crowded that you can barely move a lot of the time. If you want to grab a snack or get on one of the rides, you'll probably end up having to spend half your day waiting in line.

The weather isn't always predictable


come see me still tho #calgarystampede #cowboysmusicfestival

With a summer event like the Calgary Stampede, there will likely be some sunny days in store.

However, you need to be prepared for all the elements. The weather can go from storms, wind, rain and hail to scorching hot sunshine in just a few minutes and taking cover at a largely outdoor event is tricky.

It's expensive AF


How going to the Stampede feels like sometimes. #CalgaryStampede #Calgary #yyc #greenscreen #fypage #fyp

There's no way around it — Stampede is expensive!

From entry to the park, paying to head to some of the other tents, to buying food, drinks and ride tokens, it takes a whole lot of money to get the Stampede experience. Checking your bank account after a full 10-days is pretty painful.

There's no time to sleep


See u all at cowboys!!! 🤠 #calgarystampede #cowboys

There's almost too much to do by the time Stampede rolls around, and all those late nights are enough to break anyone. After working, catching some live music and heading out dancing, there is truly no time to rest. By the time it's over, your bed never looked so good!

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