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Kevin Costner at the Calgary Stampede.

Kevin Costner at the Calgary Stampede.

Yahoo! Yellowstone actor and Hollywood icon Kevin Costner was the star of the show at the Calgary Stampede Parade as he took on the role of parade marshal for the celebration on Friday, July 8.

He also took time to show some love to the city.

Costner headed up the 2022 Calgary Stampede Parade on horseback, making his way through the streets of downtown and looking like a real-life cowboy.

Speaking before the parade, Costner joked he was an "imaginary cowboy" in his movies and TV shows but said he was "humbled" to be invited to the Calgary Stampede and lead the parade.

"A call like that comes out of the blue... I was caught by surprise. And I wonder how my name ended up on the list but I'm glad that it did," he said.

Although he's currently filming a new season of Yellowstone, he said he wanted to accept the "wonderful invitation" to lead the parade.

Costner has filmed in Calgary for his movies Open Range and Let Him Go.

"This city has been really good to me," he added.

Costner was riding alongside John Scott, a third-generation rancher and leading member of Alberta's film industry.

The parade marshals for 2021 and 2020 — Katari Right Hand and Filipe Masetti Leite — also took part in the procession that featured over 90 entries.

The parade, which made its way through downtown Calgary, was back in full swing after two years of less celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Costner will also be taking to the stage at the Big Four Roadhouse with his band later in the evening.

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