Justin Trudeau Reveals What Reopening The Canada-US Border Depends On

The PM said we need more than 80% of the population to be fully vaccinated.

Justin Trudeau Reveals What Reopening The Canada-US Border Depends On
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Justin Trudeau has revealed that the Canada-U.S. border reopening depends on a couple of things happening, but he also said we can't get back to normal just yet.

During a press conference on July 2, the prime minister said his government is still working with American officials to have an "aligned" approach when it comes to keeping citizens of both countries safe from COVID-19.

As of July 5, the first phase of Canada's new travel rules will be in place and that means fully vaccinated travellers who are eligible to enter the country won't have to quarantine for 14 days or take a COVID-19 test eight days after their return. A stay at a government-approved quarantine hotel won't be required for those travellers, either.

"When we start reopening, so Americans and others who are fully vaccinated can come into Canada, will depend on how this goes, on the data we collect, on how we're able to keep Canadians safe even as we make adjustments to the rules and as travel volumes inevitably increase," Trudeau said.

He also mentioned that Canada needs to make it to over 75% of the population fully vaccinated and even over 80% in order to be safe.

"I know people are impatient to suddenly get back to normal but we're not there yet," Trudeau said.

International restrictions still in place for Canadians

The border restrictions between Canada and the U.S. were extended on June 18 and will be in place until at least July 21.

In an interview with CTV News in May 2021, a spokesperson for Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair said the border would only open once conditions on both sides of the border change "very substantively."

One American politician called the extension "bullsh*t", however, and said there needs to be a clear plan for reopening.

When it comes to international travel, the European Union recently recommended easing travel restrictions for Canada, but some Canadians might not be eligible to travel in the EU because of the vaccine they received.

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