Johnny Depp Won't Look At Amber Heard In Court & Their Lawyers Finally Revealed Why


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Amber Heard in court. Right: Johnny Depp with his head down.

Amber Heard in court. Right: Johnny Depp with his head down.

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Johnny Depp kept his head down throughout Amber Heard's days-long testimony at their trial, and the reason finally came out in court.

Audio shared at the trial appears to explain why Depp won't look at his now-ex wife, and it all goes back to their 2016 breakup.

The audio clip captures a tearful argument between the two at the end of their relationship, during which Heard is trying to get Depp to touch her or look at her.

Depp can be heard telling her not to take his glasses off during the argument. "You will not see my eyes again," he says to her.

Depp seems to have stuck to that promise in court, where he's kept his head down throughout Heard's many days on the stand. He appears to have been watching the whole thing on his computer monitor, rather than looking directly at his ex.

But just to drive that point home, Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez pressed Heard about it during cross-examination.

"You know exactly why Mr. Depp won't look back at you, don't you?" she asked in court. "He promised you would never see his eyes again. Isn't that true?"

"As far as I know, he cannot look at me," she said on Monday.

On Tuesday, Heard's attorney Elaine Bredehoft hammered that point by offering her own impression of Depp while questioning Heard on the stand.

"You will not see my eyes again," Bredehoft said in her deepest voice. Video shows Depp snickering after that.

Heard then testified that despite that promise, Depp did look at her again while they were trying to sort out their divorce. She added that Depp kissed her and gave her his new phone number the next time they saw each other.

"We had a short exchange and he put a note in my pocket that said 'I'll love you dead or alive, my slim.'"

Heard later said that Depp won't look at her because he's "guilty."

The pair were briefly married from 2015-2016 and they've accused each other of abuse. Depp has denied ever hitting Heard, while she has claimed that he did so throughout their relationship.

Depp and Heard are suing each other for defamation in Virginia. Depp is seeking $50 million over a Washington Post op-ed that Heard wrote, in which she claims to have been a victim of domestic violence. She didn't name him but he argues it clearly points to him and cost him some major roles.

Heard is counter-suing for $100 million.

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