4 Texas Tourist Attractions That Are Completely Overrated, According To A Local

Don't get trapped in these overrated spots this spring break!

Texas Staff Writer
Texas staff writer Brittany Cristiano at a beach in Galveston. Right: Tourists outside of the Alamo in San Antonio, TX.

Texas staff writer Brittany Cristiano at a beach in Galveston. Right: Tourists outside of the Alamo in San Antonio, TX.

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Visiting Texas can be a daunting trip for some people based on the sheer amount of tourist attractions in the state that could fill up your entire itinerary.

So, as a lifelong Texan who has visited many of these popular visitor hotspots — some multiple times over — I feel inclined to let y'all in on a little secret about what's simply not worth your time.

This list doesn't just stick to one Lone Star State city. Nope, I'm coming for spots in or around the state capital, San Antonio, Dallas, and even my own beloved hometown of Houston.

Here are some of the most overrated tourist attractions in Texas that are still somehow so incredibly popular:

The Alamo

Okay, yeah. I get it, the famous San Antonio, Texas, compound is a giant piece of Lone Star State history, perhaps the most important part to still exist, but it really is just an old building filled with stuff.

There's also a ton of foot traffic in the area because people like to look at and take pictures in front of the building.

So, unless you're a huge history buff, I'd say skipping The Alamo is worth it to avoid the crowds of families, proud Texans, and school kids on field trips.

Congress Avenue Bridge bat colony


Release the bats! Mexican free-tailed bats exit their roosts under the South Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas.

There is an infamous colony of Mexican Free-Tailed bats that call Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge home, which, in turn, attracts hoards of people to one tiny sidewalk area to watch them.

It has become such a popular ATX pastime to crowd around here during the spring and summer nights, but it's a total skip for me unless you're very dedicated to viewing them up close by arriving early and waiting until sunset while annoying groups of others hound around you in wait.

Dealey Plaza — where President Kennedy was assassinated

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX.

Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

The unfortunate assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr. took place in the heart of Dallas, TX, back in 1963, and there is still a giant white "X" that marks the exact spot on the street where it happened.

It's by Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum, a place to visit and learn of chronicles about the assassination as well as JFK's legacy.

People often come to visit and see this "X" on the Dallas road, and it's eerie to me, but I guess this is another attraction for the history-obsessed.

Galveston Island

Cristiano walking her dog on a beach in Galveston, TX.

Cristiano walking her dog on a beach in Galveston, TX.

Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

I'm a native Houstonian, so I'm allowed to rag on Galveston because it's true... the beaches are plain ugly, the water is a gross brown, and there is really nothing special about the island that people should be flocking to it.

When there's South Padre Island and several charming beach towns scattered among the Lone Star State coast, you should not be choosing Galveston for a dreamy beach vacation.

That is unless you're like me, who lives nearby, and this is all you get for quick beach access.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
Brittany Cristiano is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on viral TikToks, and trending local characters in the Southern United States. She is based in Houston, Texas.
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