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The main page of Pornhub.

The main page of Pornhub.

While the Rogers outage had significant impacts on Canadians in terms of access to services and general day-to-day life, it also hit them in an unexpected spot: porn consumption.

In a report from Monday, July 11, Pornhub broke down just how the service disruption affected Canadian consumers.

"Pornhub, the world’s largest adult entertainment site, is confirming yet another casualty of the nationwide Rogers internet outage," they said.

"Our data reveals a nearly 20% decrease in Canadian porn traffic during the telecom provider’s system failure."

The drop in traffic began "immediately" around 5 a.m. EST on Friday, July 8, the same time the Rogers outage began.

By 7 a.m., hourly traffic was down by 19% compared to the average and remained below average for the rest of the day.

Some provinces felt the sting more sharply than others.

"Ontario’s traffic dropped as low as -38% at 4 p.m. on Friday," Pornhub said. "Manitoba had the biggest drop in traffic by -65% at 11 a.m. Friday."

"Pornhub visitors from New Brunswick saw the most immediate drop, by -49% at 6 a.m.," they continued. "Quebec’s traffic dipped as low as -21%."

Given that Pornhub receives over 150 million daily visitors and that Canadians are the site's seventh biggest source of traffic, that likely meant thousands of people didn't have access to the adult content.

As well, Gen Z was likely the most impacted by the service disruption "as they make up 29% of Pornhub's visitors."

The company also shared some fun facts about Canadian's use of the site, like the fact that the average visit lasts 9 minutes and 48 seconds.

As well, "lesbian" is the most-viewed category by Canucks, with "anal" coming in second place and "milf" coming in third.

While you'll never truly get back the time you were hoping to spend on the site during the outage, Rogers will be applying an automatic credit to customers' accounts, so hopefully, that helps!

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