A Fan Called Taylor Swift's Tampa Show The 'Errors Tour' & The Singer Had A Few Slip-Ups

She "swiftly" pulled it off. ️🎤

Taylor Swift on stage. Right: Taylor Swift.
Florida Associate Editor

Taylor Swift on stage. Right: Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift made her way to Tampa, FL, this weekend to continue her Eras Tour, though some fans have a new name for it — the "Errors" Tour — as the singer made some pretty noticeable mistakes during her set.

Swifties swarmed to Raymond James Stadium all three nights to watch her sold-out shows, and those who couldn't get tickets even sat in the parking lot to hear the show. So, the pressure was on.

The Florida weather could be to blame, as a couple of Swifties showed the artist's hair stick straight at the top of the show and how the humidity impacted her style towards the end. No matter what the reasoning was, the headliner made sure to apologize for some of the mishaps made on stage.


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She thanked the wrong artist for the show-opener.

The singer that opened for Swift is named Gayle and, while Swift paid tribute to the artist during her show, the headliner accidentally said the wrong name and had to publicly apologize for it later.

"We start off the evening with the incredible, the elegant, the amazing Gracie Abrams. Make some noise again for Gracie!"

In Swift's defense, she has a couple of openers that rotate nearly every show. But when she caught wind of what she said she called herself out for it.

The mic pack wasn't plugged in.

During one of her songs, Swift stopped because of some technical difficulties. Her mic pack wasn't plugged in all the way, and while everyone says she handled it like a pro, she didn't hide the fact that things weren't perfect.

"It's that kind of day, do you know what I mean?" the singer said.

But someone helped her plug it in on stage and she was back to regular programming.

She messed up the lyrics to "Speak Now."

Mid-song, she stopped strumming her guitar and paused the song cause she forgot the lyrics to "Speak Now."

"Oh my God, wait, wait," she said, as she repeated the lyrics to remember what came next.

When it came back to her, she carried on with a burst of energy.

The dive performance was late.

There's a famous scene during the musician's concert that's gone around TikTok where she "dives into a pool," but actually jumps into a hole that opens up for her on stage.

You can tell the stage crew wasn't as quick on their feet as they normally are, since she gracefully waited for the right moment to take the leap. She even held up one finger for the audience to "hold on a second" as they prepared for the jump.

The garter on her outfit snapped.

There was also an outfit malfunction during "Anti Hero," as her sparkly purple garter snapped. Her backup singers tried to help her, and she took the microphone away from her mouth to tell them what to do.

They soon fixed her outfit issue, and she kept on going.

"I think the garter was an issue because she lost a bunch of time on her quick change from the 'pool' not being open in time," one person commented on the TikTok video.

Whatever the reasoning was, her fans stood by her side and congratulated her for how "swiftly" she still pulled everything off.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
Jenna Kelley was an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.