Fans Revealed Taylor Swift Eras Tour Spoilers Including Set List & What To Bring (VIDEOS)

Swift had her opening night in Arizona this weekend.

Taylor Swift on stage. Right: A fan giving advice on the Eras Tour.
Florida Associate Editor

Taylor Swift on stage. Right: A fan giving advice on the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift performed her opening shows for her highly anticipated Eras Tour in Arizona this weekend. "Swifties" are revealing the show's secrets, what concert-goers need to know and some essential items to bring to improve their experience.

From set list spoilers to stage diving clips, the news from the singer's show is taking fans on an absolute roller coaster. Not only is her performance over three hours long but, according to these fans, it's more like an all-day event.

One creator (@jizellemaia), who refers to herself as an "opening night survivor," said you must get there early and factor in at least an hour just to find parking!

She said merch lines are long, food lines are long, and the wait for a rideshare post-concert is going to be — you guessed it — long! She said you'll get stuck waiting for hours when the concert ends past 11 p.m.


opening night survivor 🫡 #erastour #taylorswift #concerttips

One thing everyone on TikTok who saw the show seems to agree on was to wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing the majority of the time. They also said to bring earplugs for how loud the fans are.

If you have a Capital One card, one creator named Jules (@julesontherox), said that you can apparently get the opportunity for upgraded seats.

Now, for the show spoilers...


General info after night 1 of The Eras Tour- merch, set times, show details. spoilers are given a warning even though the whole show is already online. I am all for going all out and dressing up but please consider when and how long you’ll be there. Its a spring night and the stadium was closed so it was no issue but middle of summer outside all night is a different story. I saw so many girls struggling to wear their heels and boots- choose shoes you love but that you can also stand in for 6+ hours. I wore sneakers and my feet and legs still hurt #glendaletstheerastour #taylorswift #taylornation #theerastour

According to Jules, Swift does every single era, but she pays more homage to her most recent albums that were released after her previous tour.

"She started off with 'Lover.' She pretty much opened with 'Cruel Summer,' which is fantastic," she said. "Speak Now got zero love whatsoever. She played like one song from it."

The TikToker said she played so much from Folklore, but the one thing that is different for every show is the acoustic set. For the Arizona show, they heard "Tim McGraw" and "mirrorball."

She ends her show with the Midnight era.

Swift will continue her U.S. tour until August 5.

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Florida Associate Editor
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