The Lotto Max Winning Numbers Are In & One Person In The Prairies Just Got $55 Million Richer

One lucky Canadian could be in for the surprise of their life when they scan their ticket and check their Lotto Max numbers, only to find out that they've just won a buttload of money.

The unclaimed jackpot for Tuesday's draw is a cool $55 million, which is definitely about to change someone's life — so make sure you check your numbers ASAP!

The winning ticket was apparently purchased by a very lucky individual in one of the Prairie Provinces.

According to CTV News, the magic ticket was bought in Saskatoon, so check your pockets right now if that's where you are.

The winning numbers are 12, 26, 28, 32, 41, 43 and 50. The bonus number is 49.

After the person checks their ticket and realizes they're the winner, they should call the Western Canada Lottery Corporation to get the ball rolling on collecting their big prize.

The next LOTTO Max draw is on Friday, October 22, and is estimated to have a $14 million jackpot.

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