7 Hilarious Highway 401 Memes That You'll Only Get If You've Been Stuck In Traffic

Every Ontarian knows that pain.

Toronto Staff Writer
7 Hilarious Highway 401 Memes That Are So Relatable If You've Ever Been Stuck In Traffic

There is nothing quite like the emotional toll that driving on Highway 401 takes on you. The thrill of passing someone, who clearly shouldn't be there, or the gut-punch of being stuck in gridlock, is all part of the roadway's charm.

Multiple Ontarians have posted hilarious, yet extremely relatable, videos of dealing with the popular highway and you just have to laugh.

To celebrate Highway 401 in all its mixed-bag glory, we put together a list of memes that represent it so accurately it hurts.

Never knowing what lane to take

When the highway is jammed packed constantly, sometimes you need to be a mind reader to know whether collector or express is your best bet.

Is the bad traffic just a curse?


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The truth has been revealed. If you ever wonder why the traffic always seems to follow you, blame it on a curse.

It's the one bad thing about the city


Traffic on the 401 is a nightmare #Toronto #trafficjam #highway401 #torontolife #torontotraffic #fyp #billieeilish

Even if you love Toronto, you've probably dreamt of small-town living every time you're stuck in traffic for 45 minutes.

If you know, you know


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The driver's speedometer was on an emotional roller coaster, going from over 80km/h to rock bottom in less than a minute.

There's no better feeling


TEEHEE! Sorry not sorry. #traffic #highway401 #teehee #fyp #lol #suckstobeyou #accident #smoothsailin #haha #uhoh #facyou #lmfao #porthope

The only time anyone ever feels joy while cruising down the 401 is seeing traffic building up in the opposite direction.

Leave it to the experts 


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No matter how long you've been driving, your first time on the 401 is always a stressful time you will never forget.

Switching lanes is always a nightmare


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Let's not forget the stomach-sinking feeling you get when you realize you need to exit in 1 kilometre, but you're in the fast lane.

Editor’s Note: Remember to always drive with caution and follow Ontario’s driving laws while on the road.

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