Ontario Drunk Driver Was Caught With A Liquor Bottle & 2 Kids In The Car (VIDEO)

"The bottle of vodka wasn't the most alarming thing we found in this woman's car."

Police officer stops impaired driver.

Police officer stops impaired driver.

York Regional Police arrested a woman last week with a bottle of vodka and two young children in her car after someone tipped off the police about a possible impaired driver.

The woman was located by police near Lewis Drive and Park Avenue in Newmarket on March 17 after a 911 caller reported seeing her "stumbling around and then getting into the vehicle" with an unknown drink in hand.

Officers responded to the call and pulled over a vehicle in the area that matched the description of a blue Ford Focus.

Police tweeted the dashcam footage of the arrest, which shows an officer approaching the vehicle and explaining the situation to the driver.

"We received a report that there was a vehicle matching this description driving around the neighbourhood. People were concerned with the driver's driving," says the officer.

"I did see a car looking just like mine, though, I have to tell you," she responds.

The officer confirms the call was about a "blonde female, wavy hair."

The driver concedes to the description, saying, "Oh, that's me."

The woman denies having had anything to drink before the officer asks her to step out of her car and take a breathalyzer test.

After several interrupted attempts, the officer reminds her, "If I can tell that you're not doing what's asked of you, you can be charged with refusal to provide a breath sample."

On her next attempt, the driver fails the test, having blown "more than three times the legal limit," according to the tweet.

"It's been hours. Why would it do that otherwise?" she replies after hearing her results.

The officer begins to place the woman under arrest for impaired operation over 80, and in the background of the video, another officer searching her car finds a bottle of vodka.

The woman says she didn't know the bottle was in the car and that she had misplaced it the other day.

On top of the impaired operation charge, the driver was charged with endangering two children under six, who were in her backseat at the time of the arrest.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.