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A storm cloud over downtown Toronto.

A storm cloud over downtown Toronto.

People are still recovering from last week's storm and now Ontario's weather forecast predicts that people should prepare themselves as the province could experience two days of thunderstorms.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), an incoming pattern of isolated storms will put Ontarians at the mercy of severe conditions on Thursday and Friday. So, I guess no patio drinks to kick off the weekend.

The harsh weather event will supposedly hover over the Great Lakes, putting both southern and eastern regions at risk for severe thunderstorms.

"Plenty of atmospheric moisture pumping northward from the Gulf of Mexico will provide ample fuel for thunderstorms to bubble across the region," TWN reports.

On the bright side, it will be warmer than the past couple of days, with temperatures rising into the low 20s. Unfortunately, this uptick in warmth will also contribute to the widespread conditions favourable to nasty storms. A bit of a double-edged sword, no?

But who will have it the worst? On Thursday, the unlucky spots will be Windsor, Sarnia and London, which will likely see strong winds, heavy rainfall and small hail throughout the day. Yeah, no thank you. Although, Friday's risk of thunderstorms is relatively equal across Ontario.

Don't get pouty about your weekend plans, though, as the worst of the weather will have dissipated by then.

Saturday will be slightly chillier, with rain expected in the morning but clearing up as the day progresses. The summer heat won't be arriving until next week.

"Daytime highs will push the 30-degree mark for many areas by Tuesday and Wednesday," TWN concludes.

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