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Ontario's Summer Forecast Just Dropped & It's Going To Be Full Of Severe Thunderstorms

Get ready for hot girl summer with a side of storms!

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario thunderstorm. Right: People walk in Toronto while it rains.

Ontario thunderstorm. Right: People walk in Toronto while it rains.

Summer is right around the corner, and the hottest accessories may be umbrellas and hairspray because it's going to be wet, humid and wild.

AccuWeather dropped Canada's 2022 summer forecast, and Ontario is in for "severe thunderstorms," especially in Toronto, Windsor and Ottawa, according to the report.

Ontarians can reportedly expect "above-normal precipitation and thunderstorm activity this summer" in the central and eastern regions, which means this summer vacation may be less of a hot girl summer and more of a damp girl summer.

Although on the bright side, the "increased amounts of precipitation" means the risk for droughts is generally lower, and the increased moisture in the air may bring along warmer summer nights.

The increased moisture in the air also means this summer will be "more humid than usual."

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson explains that the "increased humidity will lead to warmer nights when compared to normal, while temperatures during the daytime will be closer to normal."

The prediction of "near- to above-average rainfall" will also help when it comes to the risk of wildfires.

Anderson says there has been some "early fire activity across northern Ontario" this spring, leaving him "slightly concerned," but the rainfall should "help prevent fuels from becoming tinder dry."

Additionally, the increased humidity may also help prevent the growth of wildfires, so while it may not be doing your hair any favour, it could be saving your backyard.

The increased water vapour in the air may also make it hard for regions to cool down overnight after a hot day. This means heat may linger, and this may be worse in big cities where heat can be trapped in "paved or built-up surfaces."

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