Ontario's Weather This Thanksgiving Weekend Will Be Hotter Than Mexico In Some Spots

It could be the hottest Thanksgiving in Toronto since 2011.

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario's Weather This Thanksgiving Weekend Will Be Hotter Than Mexico In Some Spots

Ontario's weather will give Mexico and California a run for their money over Thanksgiving weekend thanks to an incoming warm front.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), northern parts of the province, including the shores of Hudson Bay, are expected to be warmer than the beaches of Mexico due to an approaching warm front bringing temperatures over 10 degrees above normal across Ontario.

For example, the city of Moosonee in Ontario is expected to feel like 23 degrees this weekend, while Tijuana in Mexico will only hit 20.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, southern areas such as Toronto could also experience the warmest Thanksgiving in a decade depending on wind direction and sunshine.

Daytime highs could make this the warmest Thanksgiving since Toronto hit 25.5 degrees on October 10, 2011, says TWN.

However, the unseasonable warmth will also bring about a round of showers and thunderstorms through the weekend, so make sure to grab an umbrella if you're heading out.

Canadians are well known for their politeness and affinity for snow, and today's snowstorm may have proved the world right.

Ontario is in the midst of an intense snowstorm shutting down schools, highways, and flooding roads with mounds of snow but Ontarians have made the best out of the chilling situation.

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