People From Ottawa Are Sharing Tips To Help Torontonians Get Through This Weekend's Protest

"If you live near Queen's Park...get ear plugs"

People From Ottawa Are Sharing Tips To Help Torontonians Get Through This Weekend's Protest
Toronto Associate Editor

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If you live in Toronto, especially near Queen's Park, you may be in for a rough weekend — at least, that's what some Ottawa locals are saying ahead of a planned protest for Saturday.

A flyer for a "Convoy For Freedom Toronto" protest has been circulating on social media and making waves on Reddit and invites protesters to rally at several locations across the city on February 5 at 10 a.m. before ending up at Queen's Park.

If the protest is anything like what the people in Ottawa have been experiencing since the Freedom Convoy rolled into town on January 29, things may get chaotic.

Someone from Ottawa took to Reddit yesterday to issue a warning for Toronto and residents in the surrounding area.

"I've lived with the so called 'freedom' convoy for the last few days and I would like to issue a warning to my fellow Canadians in Toronto," the post reads.

"If you live near Queens Park, I'm talking anywhere within like a 2 mile radius get earplugs because these f**kers are on some next level sh*t with the air horns and the train horns."

The user offered up a solution for pet owners, too, and suggested visiting family members for the weekend, saying their own cat "might be deaf now."

Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police, and the City are already gearing up for the impending protests this weekend.

"We are aware of the potential protest activity, but we can't discuss operational plans in terms of what we're doing to prepare for it. Our role is to ensure public safety and to keep the peace. We do respect the right of everyone to freedom of expression and to peaceful assembly, " OPP Media Relations Coordinator Bill Dickson previously told Narcity.

While the Reddit user said they support the right to protest, they said it feels as if they're "being held hostage and subjected to torture" from the constant noise.

Other users also chimed in on the thread for some helpful advice.

"Just want to jump in and second the idea of peacing out of town with your pets if possible," said one user. "If you can't do that, and you have anxious pets [...] stop by the pet store and look for calming treats or pheromone diffusers or sprays. Anything might help. I fear we're going to have a burst of injuries and missing dogs from that area not to mention cats freaking out and peeing in all the wrong places" they said, adding that white noise or soundproofing your windows could help.

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Some users expressed concerns about the number of hospitals surrounding Queens Park on University Avenue.

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Another user pointed out what it could be like for a University of Toronto student trying to study at one of the on-campus libraries.

Toronto police shared that they will work with the organizers as well as their partner agencies for the upcoming protest and that any updates (like road blockages) will be shared with the public ASAP.

The Freedom Convoy started protesting against vaccine mandates and lockdown measures in the nation's capital on January 29.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor