7 Hilarious Ways That You Can Spot A Tourist In Vancouver That Only Locals Would Know

You might want to avoid doing these on your next visit!

7 Hilarious Ways That You Can Spot A Tourist In Vancouver That Only Locals Would Know
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There are so many hilarious ways to spot a tourist in Vancouver, B.C., that any local would totally understand.

The city is a popular destination for people to visit, and we locals never fail to laugh when we see these classic tourist moves.

I've lived in the Vancouver area my whole life, so have seen my fair share of cringe-worthy moves by visitors.

Sometimes it's fun to play tourist in your own city even, but there are a few places that we know are downright money grabbers, and not worth the hype they get.

Every summer especially you can see people rushing towards these classically Vancouver spots, and taking a million photos.

To be fair, I'm sure I get the exact same looks from locals in other countries when I am touring their city!

But for now — let's point out these seven funny and touristy things you might spot in Vancouver.

People That Don't Own An Umbrella

If you see someone walking in the pouring rain with no umbrella — they just can't be from Vancouver. Unless this Vancouverite was having a terrible day and forgot their umbrella at home — it must be a tourist.

Anyone that lives in Vancouver or near the area will know that it rains here almost every day in the winter . They don't call it Raincouver for no reason.

They're Exploring Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This bridge in North Vancouver is actually stunning. You can submerge yourself in the forest and if you are not afraid of heights, walk the suspension bridge for some great views.

Although beautiful — ticket prices are hefty. It's just not worth the price when there are so many other beautiful parks in North Vancouver to explore for free.

Someone On A Sightseeing Tour Bus With A Camera

This tour bus will take you on a trek around the city of Vancouver. Personally — I have never even been on this bus and that is because I have just lived in the Vancouver area my whole life.

Maybe it is cool to see all the sites — but I just can't justify hopping on this bus when I drive through the city often myself.

Every summer though you see so many tourists on these buses looking out at all the sights.

That Person Walking Up Grouse Grind In Flip Flops

The Grouse Grind is called "The Grind" for a reason. It's located at Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver and let me tell you it lives up to its name.

I have personally seen people walking up this mountain in flip flops and I feel so sorry for those that did not know this is more than a walk in the park.

Many locals use this hike for training purposes or just a really good workout.

Someone That's Wearing A Jacket In Summer

It's no doubt that those of us who grew up in Canada have a bit more tolerance to the cold. When we have a beautiful summer day in B.C., it's always funny to see someone walking around bundled up like we are in the Arctic.

Any locals will be out in a t-shirt on any non-rainy day they can. For some — even a cold plunge could be in the books.

A Person Wandering Around Canada Place

Canada Place is a stunning spot right along the water in Vancouver. It's a great spot for photos and cruise ships will dock near here often.

In the summer, the surrounding area of Canada Place will always be crowded. This is usually when locals steer clear of this area because there will be just so many people.

They Take Pictures Of Anything To Do With The Olympics

Back in 2010, when Vancouver hosted the Olympics , the cauldron or rings was such a new and exciting site to see. Now, 12 years later — it's old news for anyone that lives in the city.

Basically, any Olympic landmark will be all over a tourist's camera roll.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
Ashley Harris was a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on restaurants in Vancouver, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.